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Hyper-Targeted TV Ads
For Private Label Brands
and Amazon Sellers

Reach more of your ideal customers faster

What is Connected TV (CTV)?

Connected TV is the big screen in your home that you can stream programming to. Most TVs sold today have streaming built in or you can add a box that allows you to stream. In 2022 92% of US households were reachable through CTV advertising! 

CTV Gives Viewers the Freedom to Watch WHAT They want, WHEN they want and WHERE They Want!

Where Are Your CTV Ads Played?

The major sources of distribution of your CTV commercials will include PlutoTV, Sling, SamsungTV, AT&T TV, ABC, NBC, MTV, Bravo, Warner Media Networks, ESPN, Hulu, Live Sports Networks, DirecTV, Fox, CNN, CBS, Viacom, SYFY, Discovery, News & Info Networks. We can access any of the advertiser supported streaming apps.

Benefits Of CTV For Amazon Sellers

Done for you

We set up the campaigns, create your commercial, and help generate interest in your store. Once the ads start, there is little maintenance and customers keep visiting week after week.

Utilize a smarter ad budget

You have complete control to adjust spending up or down, expand into new regions, and be seen by new buyers demographics.

High quality inbound leads

Customers see your commercials, search for you online, and go to your store.

This is hyper-targeted marketing

We work with you to build a customer profile and can use your lists to find customers and deliver your commercials on their devices. You decide who sees your ads and get maximum exposure for the lowest cost. 

Saturate your market

TV commercials create brand awareness, credibility, and trust in your store and brand.

Why Amazon Sellers Love CTV

There is LITTLE competition

Connected TV ads are the best vehicles to reach targeted audiences, but few store owners use CTV because they don’t know about it or think it is too expensive. You will be one of the first in your market to experience the affordability and ROI of CTV.

Reach your audience IMMEDIATELY and more often.

Target the homes of both current and potential customers with pinpoint accuracy. Then adjust your campaign quickly based on the data you get while running your commercial.

Higher ROI.

Generate more interest and more sales. For less. Drive more sales.

Drive traffic to your Amazon store and your website.

You’ll work with a team of professionals, with years of experience creating CTV campaigns, to drive traffic and increase conversions on your Private Label site or Amazon store.

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